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 Harassment + Insults

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Harassment + Insults Empty
PostSubject: Harassment + Insults   Harassment + Insults I_icon_minitimeMon May 04, 2009 10:15 am

I want to make it clear, that anyone who harasses me via this forum will be IP banned. I can view the IP address of anyone who signs up and/or posts on this forum, and I will not hesitate to ban anyone who harasses me.

I do not send hateful mail to anyone else, so when hateful mail comes my way I find it very upsetting.
There is no need for such horrible mail.

I just want a nice, friendly environment where people can come along and contact me if they want to, or perhaps chat to eachother.

Anyone who comes here and uses derogatory or hateful language will be banned.
I don't have the time to tolerate bullshit like that Very Happy

I don't care if you hate me; you have every right to hate me or my videos.

But if you come here to my forum and post negative, hurtful messages or posts regarding sexuality, gender, religion, age, appearance, ethnicity, etc, you will be banned.

No insults allowed.
Go back to youtube if that's what you're looking for Wink
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Harassment + Insults
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